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Thread: chat service in zimbra desktop.

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    Smile chat service in zimbra desktop.

    Using zcs 5.0.5 open source edition.

    I want to use chat service for zimbra employees on Windows XP Pro. platform. But,zimbra desktop service doesn't providing me chat service. Chat service is not working.(In disable mode)

    moreover,is it possible to use only chat service of zimbra for my employees?

    Is there any seperate chat client available such like zimbra desktop tool?

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    You can use an XMPP IM client:
    Pidgin and Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Spark and Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Adium and Zimbra - Zimbra :: Wiki

    IM in Zimbra Desktop client will come in a later release.

    Just displaying the chat folder so you can view old convo's is this RFE: Bug 27076 - offline - show chat folder

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