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Thread: iptables & portsentry security for zimbra.

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    Cool iptables & portsentry security for zimbra.

    Using zcs 5.0.5 open source edition.

    My company's zimbra server is located on the most level of internet.There is no such firewall implemented for protection.

    I am having almost 5+ years of experience in linux,specially in security. So,I would like to get answer from you that Is it possible to configure "iptables" based firewall with "portsentry" ?

    I am using Fedora Core 7, i386 edition.

    Also I would like to know about below points.

    1) How to check mail queue through zimbra console?

    2) How to remove yahoo search bar from zimbra user console?

    3) Can zimbra is backward compatible with MailScanner? Is it suitable to install MailScanner along with zimbra?

    4) Can we add user thumbnail sized photo as a logo,same like yahoo avatars?


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    All these questions have been answered in the forums & wiki, please search for them.


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