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Thread: [SOLVED] How to compose an email to multiple recipients selected by tags?

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    Question [SOLVED] How to compose an email to multiple recipients selected by tags?

    Hello forum,

    i am completely new to Zimbra and i am really crazy about it!

    There is one little thing, i haven't figured out yet.
    I can tag everything. That's great. I can go to my addressbook and select contacts by they're tag. Great too. But i can't send an email to all of them at once. That's sad...
    Even in the email-dialog i can't select addresses by tag.

    Any idea how to do this or isn't this implemented (yet)?

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Well at present you can't just search for the tag:whatever in address books > then select them all > right-click or dropdown 'new mail' as it won't let you for multiple.
    Vote for / support ticket tag / CC watch this RFE: Bug 25594 - Contact(s) are not displayed in 'To' field after selecting contact(s) then 'New email' dropdown

    However what you can do is compose > to: button > type tag:name > search > select them all using whatever method you want (ctl-a or click first + shift + click last).

    If you're sending to these frequently you may want to create a contact group - you can even search for tag:name here:

    This will appear in auto-complete by simply typing the groups name:

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    Hey mmorse,

    this is the quickest answer i ever got and it was exactly what i looked for!

    Now it's up to me to make a test installation and play around with the migration of my Open-Xchange data to Zimbra.

    Congratulations, you just convinced another user


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