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Thread: pop-up blockers stopping .eml attachments

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    Default pop-up blockers stopping .eml attachments

    We have a diverse population here at my University and a great deal of user skill. One issue that is popping up (no pun intended) has to do with emails forwarded as attachments.

    When a user gets an email as an attachment they see the .eml file and can click on it to open, however FF and IE will block this as a pop-up. Not all of our users see the pop-up notification so they call the help desk. This does not occur on other new windows just the attached email files.

    I don't see this as a bug anywhere, and other webmail programs will detect blockers and prompt the user to disable them.

    Is this fixed beyond 5.0.6?
    John Turner
    Brandeis University
    Waltham MA

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    Default firefox, with exception

    I am having problems with firefox blocking the same type of pop ups. I opened the email, the attachments worked, I had to reprint one of them (literally a moment later) and now I am getting a 'oops! pop up browser block'
    there is an exception made for this page already and I tried deleting and reading the exception. no dice.

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    Smile pop-up blockers stopping .eml attachments

    Unfortunately I do not have a resolution but I do know that the pop-up blocker issue does not occur in IE 7 but does in IE 8 - so maybe someone who has a lot more knowledge than I can figure something out with that info.

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