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    Default Maximum File Size


    I apologize in advance if this has been beat to death before.

    I tried to change the maximum file size within the Admin GUI, however I still can't send files larger than the original stated size (20MB). Is there another place to change the maximum file size you can send?

    Thank in advance

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    Welcome to the forums,

    What version are you using? so we know what options to give you in the future.

    For instance in this case there different options for 5.0.5 prior & after 5.0.6.
    This revolves around zimbraFilUploadMaxSize (currently global or server) & zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize (currently global).

    Old behavior for 5.0.5 and prior:
    Quote Originally Posted by mmorse
    So, you might to set zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 10-30% > than your attachment.
    Also as a general rule, I set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize 10% larger than the zimbraFileUploadMaxSize.

    If I understand this right...say both are set to 10MB (and you tell everyone they can send 10MB attachments):
    An email with a 9MB attachment and 100KB message body text. The attachment may be less than the 10MB zimbraFileUploadMaxSize, and so it'll get accepted by the file upload system. But when it's converted into a MIME message it ends up base64-encoded. Then add 100K of regular body text, and the resulting message (say 10.3MB or so) is then handed off to postfix, which checks zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize and promptly rejects the message if it's over the limit of 10MB.

    Of course that would mean that you would set zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize even larger if you want to allow emails with multiple large attachments.
    Behavior changed with 5.0.6 in Bug 27610 – Use zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize exclusively for mail, and use zimbraFileUploadMaxSize for docs/briefcase

    (You still want 10-30% larger than the actual attachment allotted for MIME conversion.)

    First check your current values:
    su - zimbra
    global: zmprov gacf | grep Size
    server: zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep Size
    To set:
    global: zmprov mcf zimbraAttributeTochange value
    server: zmprov ms zimbraAttributeToChange value

    Depending on what you've adjusted you may need to reload configs/individual services like zmmtactl or zmmailboxdctl restart/or zmcontrol stop-start will definitely take care of it all.

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