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Thread: Zimbra 5.0 and Exchange 2007 with the same domain

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    Default Zimbra 5.0 and Exchange 2007 with the same domain

    Hi all, I have 2 servers Exchange 2007 and Zimbra 5.0 both with the same domain, but in my Exchange I only have 200 accounts with, i cant create more because I dont have licence, if it is possible to create accounts also under in zimbra 5.0, both with, How I have to configured the DNS?, How I can to configure Zimbra?, also I can put Zimbra like my primary server, How I can resolve this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phl4kx View Post
    also I can put Zimbra like my primary server, How I can resolve this problem?
    Not really sure what you are asking ? If you want Zimbra as primary then just point your MX at it. Then you could put a forwarder on the accounts where you want the email to go to your exchange server.

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    I like to have some accounts in Zimbra and same accounts in Exchange Server, both Zimbra and Exchange under the same domain, for example:
    Zimbra Server:
    Exchange Server:

    If I receive from internet mail to, the mail only stay in zimbra, but If I recived from internet a mail to, the Zimbra have to forward the email to the exchange server because in the exchange server is the mailbox of the user. If it Possible??

    the have a MX and A in dns to the Zimbra IP Adrress

    Im using Zimbra Open Source Edition

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    Most but not all mail servers will try the second MX record if they are rejected by the server named in the first MX record. This procedure is optional in the RFC's. In other words, if the first server rejects because the user's email address is not on that server, most will attempt delivery to the second server. Both servers must have an MX record and the one with the lowest serial number will be tried first.

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