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    Default Statistics Do Not Function

    Hello, I am having a problem with Zimbra's statistic feature. I am no longer receiving statistic updates since the update to 5.0.8 from 5.0.4 in which I used this temporary 'fix' to make statistics work. However, I have not done this again since the bug was already reported and fixed (Bug #26766). For clarification, I receive daily email reports that tell me "No messages found" and the graphs on the Zimbra Administration Console are also showing "no data" since it stopped working (5.0.8 update). The logger mysql server is up and running fine. Also, there aren't any errors found in the .err file corresponding to the logger mysql server process. For that matter, I don't see any errors anywhere that I'm aware of. Finally, according to zmcontrol, everything is classed as 'running'. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks as always =).
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