Hi, not very zimbra related but I have tried my luck many places so maybe there is someone here with an idea.

I am looking for a smtp gateway to put in front of our network, what we need is a simple smtp host that would just check if the client sending e-mails is in in allowed iprange. This would be used for scanners, programs that need an smtp server to send mails etc. A simple setup with postfix would do the job for me, hower the mail department thats not very familiar with linux need a webinterface where they can search for, for example; what happend to the e-mail sent from user1@domain1.com at 09:47 2 days ago for example.

Maybe zimbra developers should use the adminui and develope a gateway version of zimbra

Just want to end the post with saying thanks for a great product, our company have now switch for mdeamon to zimbra for our pop3/imap needs, and wer're very happy with it.