I am basically trying to integrate lotus ldap and zimbra ldap ! From the admin client i choose say abc.com and configure gal as both internal and external and configure the external to be lotus ldap ! I can see the addresses etc fine ! the problem comes when i have the lotus domain as well as abc.com
I have tonnes of users in this and would n't want to migrate to a new system so soon ! when lotus is say mail1.abc.com and zimbra is say mail2.abc.com and should co-exist without alias ..........is it possible ? I know for sure how lotus work ....say for example for zimbra users i can create a seprate address book and can specify where the mail box reside for that particular address (zimbra or lotus ) specify and the routing takes place ...........there is not much mechanism like that .....feel bit of frustrting to undersand how the name look up works ...........i also try..ed to add domain which is totally diffrent say bcd.com and put a lotus server called bcd.com and in zimbra domain doc i configured gal as external ......all test ok but when i create a user it is a user in domain bcd.com in zimbra and not the actual bcd.com lotus server ...the abc.com server actually now acts as bcd.com instead of looking up the address book in lotus bcd.com and if the user exist route it over there ...........if some one is able to throw more light on how the ldap lookup and email routing works in zimbra i will very much appreciate it