Is there anyway I can hijack zimbra apache to be my web server too?

Right now I run two webservers on the same box, abyss webserver and zimbra apache.

I like abyss webserver for its integrated web interface.


I got three domains 1 for zimbra and the others for my personal web server.

My domains are no fun when you have to specify the port. bleh...

Right now my only solution from the "HOLY ZIMBRA WIKI" is to setup another apache server move all my stuff from abyss to apache, set up virtual hosting to route zimbra traffic to the zimbra webserver.

But theres got be a better way...

Is there anyway to setup zimbra apache to do vitural hosting?

provide zimbra mail on domain1
provide content for requests on domain2-3

BTW I have no apache experience.

But I am not afraid and I fear nothing!

except snakes...

March on and let there be another option to have one webserver for all webserving needs.

Any help appreciated.