I have to report the number of "archiving accounts" as zimbra service provider.

I first thought that I have to run the following filter to get the number to declare: (zimbraArchiveAccount=*)

Now if I run "zmarchiveconfig disable user@domain.com" as zimbra, I still have the zimbraArchiveAccount property when I run "zmprov ga zimbraArchiveAccount".

I guess my previous filter is wrong....

I did not find any documentation about the archiving accounts declaration.

So here are my questions:

- do the "archiving accounts" have to be counted as "professional accounts" in the declaration?
- Is there a bug with the "zmarchiveconfig disable user@domain.com" or is it normal that I still have the zimbraArchiveAccount property for the archiving-disabled account?
- In short, how to declare archiving accounts?

Thank you very much for your help...