Hi all,

First of all this is my first post on this forum so i will start with apologies if i could not find the same question or posting in the wrong place.
Second, I've been testing zimbra and just playing around for the moment to get familiar with it and see what it can do.

What i need (want) is to have a zimbra setup as follows
6 geographical dispersed locations (small ofice +- 10 workers each) with each a zimbra instance
1 MX that distributes all mail to each location (and a fallback MX)

I reckon this would be a nice situation to take advantage of the LDAP capabilities, but due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to LDAP i thought it might not be a bad idea to see what others can recomend.

One of the reasons i need a zimbra mailbox per office is because of slow and unreliable connections in 4 of the 6 locations.
So i figured it would be a good idea to have 1 of the 6 as a local mailstore + LDAP MASTER and the other 5 as a local mailstore + LDAP REPLICA
(the MX (postfix) would be installed separately on a different machine)

So if others have similar setups or different recommendations i would love to hear about it.

Would there be an advantage to have the zimbra LDAP master separated from the mailstore?

Thanks to all anyway for taking the trouble reading this.