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Thread: [SOLVED] Problem with URL and briefcase documents

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    Unhappy [SOLVED] Problem with URL and briefcase documents

    Hi, i have a problem when share with other users(internal) one folder in briefcase.

    All its ok, i upload the document inside of folder and show ok, but if i want see the document show or sendme the URL wrong.


    I upload a file into XXX Folder and then i want to see, i give double click at the document and sendme to URL : and i can not see the documents, that is wrong, the explorer say that WEB PAGE CAN NOT FOUND

    And my domain is:

    If i change the addres to
    its ok, sometimes i can see them but why do this?

    why the URL is not correct?

    My build is zcs-5.0.8_GA_2462.RHEL4.20080709163257

    I saw 2 post kind similar but no said howto resolve this.

    Can anyone helpme?

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    Resolved, my problem was that in settings of in Public service host name i have too, i change to and was resolved.


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