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Thread: hide completly an appointment to other users

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    Default hide completly an appointment to other users


    I have allowed my wife to view my calendar, she only has read access.

    I have put the date of our anniversary of wedding in my calendar as private, I don't want her to think that I need something to remind me this important date (just for the history, I forgot about it last year), so hopefully with the help of ZIMBRA I won't get caught this year (5 years).

    is there I way a could remove completely that entry from her view, at this time she can see the appointment but as it's a private one she can't read the content, but she might guess exactly what it is about...

    At this time I have 2 solutions to fix my problem :

    - remove the date from my calendar, but I will end up forgeting, and kapout for me
    - or deny her access to my calendar

    who's got a better idea

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    Create another calendar (you can have many!) for private stuff. Don't share that one with her. She won't be able to see it but as long as it's turned on it will show for you.

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