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Thread: Problems with logs in OpenSuSE 10

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    Default Problems with logs in OpenSuSE 10

    Hi all,

    We just finished installing latest Open Source Zimbra in OpenSuSE 10. BTW, wonderful project, really nice.

    Things work like a charm except one. After a clean install logging and snmp systems dont work (they were activated during install). After a clean install we have found /var/log/zimbra.log belongs to root:root instead of zimbra:zimbra (that is supposed to be) and with 640 permissions instead of 644 (as defined in your logrotate entry).

    We change this and restart zimbra. Now the logging service starts OK but in about 5 seconds suddenly some process changes this file back to root:root and continues working but if you restart the service again it wont start. BTW, if you rotate the logs the systems keeps working as the service is not restarted.

    Well, this is it, what can we do?

    Thanks in advance. Regards.

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    Is there anything written into the log when the permissions change? Maybe something specfic to the SNMP on SuSE.

    I know there have been syslog problems in the past.
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