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Thread: Document/Notebook cache problems

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    Default Document/Notebook cache problems

    I'm having a weird issue that is difficult to track down. We're just recently started using the Notebook feature of Zimbra pretty heavily, but have run into a problem with documents that have been open for a while. For instance, if I have a document that I'm editing and I leave it open in edit mode and idle for say 15 minutes (I'm unsure of the amount of time it takes to reproduce the problem) then I close it and reopen it in edit mode, it will appear that my changes did not take effect. However, if I close it and open it in read mode the changes are there as normal. I am clicking the Save button often to ensure I don't lose anything. But if I happen to close the document in order to move to the Mail tab, and then come back to the document it can appear I've lost data. If I open it and then save, I lose my changes because the document I'm editing doesn't have my previous changes. I can log out of Zimbra and back in and my changes are always there as normal.

    I hope that description is not too convoluted that you can't understand what I'm trying to convey. As an FYI, I'm using a Windows XP machine with Firefox 3.0 (and another with Firefox 2.0) with cache completely disabled. So I'm at least reasonably sure that the caching isn't on the browser side. Since it seems the document appears normal if I log out and back in, it appears that the Zimbra might be with some sort of Zimbra caching facility.

    One more note, we're running Zimbra network edition on Red Hat Enterprise 4. Ideas or thoughts? I'll open a ticket if no one has any ideas, but I've found the community can be quite helpful in solving problems!

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    Any one have any ideas?

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