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Thread: 2 quick spam assassin questions

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    Default 2 quick spam assassin questions

    I've been working with: Improving Anti-spam system - Zimbra :: Wiki to modify the spam assassin to try and get rid of some of the spam we are receiving.

    I am adding lines in the file:

    The wiki link above is specifically designated for v4.x of Zimbra. In Zimbra v5.0.7, can you add the rules like this:

    body LOCAL_4CAPS    /[A-Z][A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]/
    without adding the additional perl / razor / pyzor?

    Also, can you use multiple wildcards?:

    blacklist_from *@*.net.*
    I am teaching myself, so if the answers I am asking are already in the wiki, please feel free to tell me to keep reading.

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    I'm using the following and getting hits;
    header   LOCAL_THEBAT           X-Mailer =~ /The Bat! /i
    describe LOCAL_THEBAT           check for "The Bat as a mailer (Lots of Spam)
    score    LOCAL_THEBAT           4.5
    body     LOCAL_SALE_CHECK_1     /copy this link then replace "\[DOT\]" to "\."/
    describe LOCAL_SALE_CHECK_1     check for request to modify a URL
    score    LOCAL_SALE_CHECK_1     4.5

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