So.. just got freaked out a bit ago. I was using Zimbra Desktop and all of a sudden I got a red dot with an "!" over it on one of my Zimbra accounts. I quick hit Get Mail and it came back. So I tried logging in to the web client. I was able to login, but it stopped at the "Loading.." screen. I clicked on the standard client and got a generic error that there was something wrong. I then SSH'd into the server and everything seemed cool.. services were running, nothing major in the mailbox log. I was able to login to the admin console. Apparently the backup had fired off and my account was one of the first to go. In older versions, while a backup was in progress, the web client would report that the user was in maintenance mode I thought... Has that changed or is this a bug or am I just crazy? It's all working and cool now, but I didn't get any sort of error on the screen.. just stopped loading. I'm using 5.0.8 NE on a CentOS 5 box.