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    This is a general question if anybody has any experience with this or not. Has anybody ever successfully upgraded there Linux distro from say Fedora Core X to Fedora Core Y. Wasn't sure if this would completely blow away my zimbra installation or not. I'm not expecting to be a upgrade, reboot, and back to normal, but just wanting to upgrade reboot

    I suppose if anything after i upgrade the distro do another "upgrade" of zimbra essentially reinstalled the same ver over again which should keep my settings.

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    Unless I don't completely understand it, from what I've read, you can copy /opt/zimbra or back it up somewhere, and after you upgrade, copy it back to /opt/zimbra and it should work ok.

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    Copying /opt/zimbra is pretty much guaranteed not to work.

    We've talked about this in house, and here's the way it should work:

    What you'll need:

    Server, with zimbra (version Z) installed and Fedora Core version X.

    Copy of FC v.Y
    Copy of Zimbra v.Z for FC v.Y

    Shutdown zimbra (zmcontrol stop) and remove startup script from /etc/init.d

    Run FC v.Y upgrade script.
    Reboot server.

    "Upgrade" Zimbra from FC v.X build of version Z to FC v.Y build of version Z.

    Start zimbra



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