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Thread: Zimbra OSS and iPhone

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    Default Zimbra OSS and iPhone

    We use zimbra 5.0.4 on SLES10 SP2 and iphones. We really want to use the microsoft exchange mail on the iphones (and not the imap) to hook into our zimbra install. I have read some forum posts but do not seem to get a clear answer about this: can zimbra OSS be used with the iphones with microsoft exchange option. I hope i am making myself clear on the question.

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    Mobile access is an add-on to the Network Edition. You can use your iPhones to do imap like you said, but not the OTA syncing without the license. According to Mobile collaboration tools for enterprise messaging for mobile devices

    "Zimbra Mobile is an optional component add-on purchased for Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition and works 'out-of-the-box' with supported devices (just enter the Zimbra Server address and your user name, similarly to how you'd configure Microsoft Exchange)."

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