Having a Zimbra server (4.5.8 GPL) that struggling at the moment. Someone in our company decided to send out a mass mail to lots and lots of clients and this is filling up our active queue, as the server is struggling to cope with incoming and normal outgoing messages.

By disabling anti-virus and anti-spam, while the server is processing an active queue, will this cause any potential problems and will this actually take effect immediately? I ask, because I believe, a while back, I did something similar when we were first setting up Zimbra (and trying to setup a config that works) and I seem to recall it resulted messages being deferred. However, I can't remember if that was it exactly or if it was a result of some other problem, hence why I ask.

Thanks again. I just want these emails to clear out asap, and then we will speak to people in our company about best practices until we upgrade