like is suggested by most poeple and zimbra staff, the best way to create a company or departmental shared folder area is to create a single account, create all the folders in that and just share each one to the whole company/department.

This suffers from 2 big scalability problems though relating to the amount of data you begin to accumulate

1. outlook users eventually can't use the shared folder structure. because teh zimbra connector downloads all e-mail when you choose to open another user's mailbox, when your central store gets to be like 10gig+ that means each user who wants to view the shared folders has to dwonload 10gb worth of e-mail to their machine. This eventually hits a size limit for pst files within outlook.

2. restore becomes unmanageable. if you need to restore just a few e-mails you have to restore the entire central account to antoher account. if your central store account gets big, like ours is going to be 200gb from the get go and reaching 500gb soon, a restore would take forever and you would have to have enough disk space set aside to restore the whole accocunt at any time.

has anyone gone down this road and thought of a work around for it? My only thought now is to use an external imap server for shared folders. restoring specific e-mails is easy in cyrus imap, and outlook only downloads e-mails as you need them when you have an imap account added. the bad thing is we'd lose features like searching within the zimbra web client