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Thread: LDAP and apple addrss book. tertiary domain

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    Default LDAP and apple addrss book. tertiary domain

    Hi there....

    I have a test zimbra server setup to test all our clienbts on prior to purchase.

    Now i am trying to get a LDAP connection working with the apple address book.

    Now I am getting no results returned to my address book. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that my domain is a tertiary domain (Ie as opposed to

    Now in the wiki, I read that it should be as simple as :

    Open either or Apple Address Book
    For Preferences -> Composing -> 'Configure LDAP...'
    For Address Book: Preferences -> LDAP
    Then enter the information for your Zimbra server
    Name - Enter an name
    Server - Enter your Zimbra Server hostname
    Search Base - Enter your domain like "dc=example,dc=com"
    Port - Enter 389 for standard, 636 and check 'Use SSL' if you have OpenLDAP in SSL mode.
    Scope - Subtree

    Now because mine is a tertiary domain, what would i need to enter for the dc's in the search base?

    Is there more too it?

    I have the latest zimbra network edition trial, and the latest leopard version (for the client).


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    tertiary domain? never heard that one. but i like it!!!

    email servers which use a subdomain as their fqdn shouldn't have any problem providing contact information thru ldap. Apple's Address Book only requires the fqdn or the IP of the Zimbra server. you don't need a search base and you don't need to authenticate - which is cool.

    how is the server's GAL setup?

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