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Thread: Users changing the GAL from ZCO

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    Default Users changing the GAL from ZCO

    Having a strange issue where a user via the zco can remove members from the GAL, and remove/add members to GAL based email lists.

    I realize they are not "really" changing the real GAL but they think they are and get confused on what they are really changing.

    Can this be turned off? I could see a user be given the privilege of being able to add members to the real DL provided the name is in the GAL.

    How does the user get a new full copy of the GAL?

    their changes to the GAL via ZCO also shows up in the web client.

    Rhel 5 64bit
    zimbra network eval 5.0.8
    zco eval 5.0.8
    outlook 2003
    Win XP SP2
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