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Thread: [SOLVED] Monitoring a User's Activity

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    Default [SOLVED] Monitoring a User's Activity

    Hello all,

    First id like to say i *have* searched the forums several times and have not found what I need.

    My situation is this: I have a user that management has decided for whatever reason to monitor (very) closely. To my end, I need to be able to monitor the users mail activity for the coming weeks. What is the easiest solution? I can add a hidden forward for incoming mail to the IT dept mailbox, but what about sent mail? How can I monitor that in a convenient way? I have tried using zmmsgtrace to list the messages sent by the user. Is there a way to reconstruct the message contents using the message ID once the user has emptied the trash?

    Thanks! and if I missed something in my searching, i apologize in advance.


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    you could use the always_bcc function of postfix. that sends a bcc copy of every outgoing e-mail to another address. you can setup a catchall account for it and just filter by that sender. i'm not sure if this can be done on a per sender basis.

    keep in mind when editing postfix with zimbra don't edit teh yourself, use postconf to make the changes permanent.

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    Forwards/BCC can bounce and reveal themselves if the account being forwarded to is unavailable/down/closed (maintenance mode queue's mail at MTA, while locked/lockout still deliver mail).

    always_bcc > all users in/out

    recipient_bcc_maps & sender_bcc_maps > per user out & in

    legal intercept > per user (can be used to catch 'drafts', but SMTP sends are not included, it's intended for web-client, will eventually be extended to chats) Bug 21761 - Legal intercept support: IM Edit: created Legal Intercept - Zimbra :: Wiki

    ZAD (Zimbra Archiving & Discovery) add-on that forks mail to archive accounts (on your system or an external system - though don't benefit from single instance storage/cross-mailbox searchable if external) > your long term best solution
    We plan to add: Bug 12697 - Other collaboration data (IM, Docs, Calendars) need to be archived
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