I know theres a few people lurking here who have userbases in the thousands. I'm curious how people are handling large scale backups and restores.

Currently we're doing a full once a week and incremental every other day. I back up the backups to tape every night too.

I'm growing concerned about the size of our backups though. What do you do in this scenario

  1. Your backup is now 500 gigs
  2. You need to restore an account from 2 months ago, the backup for that is on tape
  3. In order to restore that one account, you have to restore the 500GB zimbra backup first, which from tape would take forever

I know that you can move to a backup system where certain accounts are backed up on certain days, but you could still wind up needing to restore a few hundred gigs just to restore a single account.

I'm considering looking at some of those data de-duplication backup systems, as I think they would work well for zimbra backups where you're going to be backing up the same data quite often.