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Thread: MTA not running in Control Panel

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    Default MTA not running in Control Panel


    I have a zimbra install with two MTAs.

    When I log into the control panel, it shows everything but the MTA on mtaserver2 as running. That is to say, antispam, antivirus, stats and snmp are all running (with a little checkmark), while mta has a red x. (Picture attached).

    When I log onto mtaserver2, however, and run:
    $  su zimbra
    $  zmcontrol status
    I see the output:
    Host mtaserver2
            antispam                Running
            antivirus               Running
            mta                     Running
            snmp                    Running
            stats                   Running
    (obviously, mtaserver2 is a real, fully qualified domain name).

    As far as I can tell, both servers are actually running. But my questions are:
    (1) How can I definitely test that mtaserver2 is running?, and
    (2) Assuming one is affirmative, any thoughts on how to fix this?

    I am running the 5.0.8 GA Fedora7 release on Fedora7.

    ~ Christopher
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