Dear All,

We're testing the backup/restore procedure for Open Source edition,
and per the article from Wiki :
Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki

In our environment, we're planning to use NFS filesystem as message store
and index (/opt/zimbra/store & /opt/zimbra/index )

we hope to confirm several questions:

1. Can we separate two backup procedures, first one for :
/opt/zimbra/store + /opt/zimbra/index
and the other one take the rest of all in /opt/zimbra/ directory?
Because we think store + index occupy the most storage space
and are much important.

2. After we restore from such two different backups, is there
any special step we need to run, such as : generate the index
data ?? (from wiki site, no such info, thus I guess we don't need
to do that??)

any advice on this?