I recently upgrade to 5.08 and have a few quirks that our users have run across. We use the webclient with FireFox (2/3) and IE (6/7), mac and PC platforms.

* Using the advance version, emails that have links (like one from the Zimbra forum that told me someone replied), the links are "dead". If I view the same email using the html version, the links are clickable.

* Creating a HTML link in the advanced version works fine, using the html version, there is no "ok" button to complete the link creation.

* Is there anyway to embed a PDF using the webclient? So when the user opens the email, the pdf is open and displayed? They can do this using Outlook. Is this a function of a webclient vs a desktop client like Outlook or Thunderbird?

* Same with being able to type in a url and have it clickable. Outlook users can type in a url (not creating a link) and the recipient will have a clickable link. Using the webclient it is always dead.

I have weaned 98% of our users from Outlook, but these two reasons (plus being able to sync the Zimbra calendar to their Palms) are keeping Outlook on some desktops here.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx!