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Thread: 5.0.7 Address Book Issue, Maybe? (not major)

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    Default 5.0.7 Address Book Issue, Maybe? (not major)

    Hey All,

    It looks like I've posted my last few questions in the wrong section! Oops! I failed to notice that the "General" question section was under the Zimbra Desktop category. Again, oops!

    Anywho, a user brought up a small possible address book issue. Maybe it's been addressed or maybe it's not an issue and we just don't know what we're doing, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I don't quite know how to explain it, so I will use screen shots!

    So, when viewing an address book, all is well. You have all options available and things look normal:

    If I want to view all contacts under "R" I can do so without a problem:

    However, if I click to view all addresses under "J", none exist. This is okay, except that you become locked out of all other categories!

    In order to select another letter to sort the address book by, I've found that you have to re-select the address book first as all letters become unselectable. Is this a feature, a bug, or am I crazy? lol

    I apologize if this is "old news". Feel free to direct me appropriately.

    Thanks in advance!

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