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Thread: [SOLVED] Problems importing contacts from evolution

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    Default [SOLVED] Problems importing contacts from evolution

    I've tried to import the contacts from evolution 2.22.2 into Zimbra, but the imported contacts don't mostly don't show the info, and when they do show info, it isn't in the proper places.

    For example, I have a contact list of 389, and the import of the csv says 389 were imported. However, no names show in the list view of the people, and usually no information of any kind. An occasional contact may show, if I click randomly, some info, but not the proper info in the proper location on the contact's listing.

    Is there a difference between the exporting field order in evolution 2.22.2 and prior versions of evolution? Or, is the version of Zimbra I have (the community version, installed about 3 weeks ago).

    Can anyone help guide me here?



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