Hello everyone!
I'm an information systems guru with moderate linux (FC2) experience. I'm not so well versed in linux mail systems so I apologize in advance if this question seems a little simple.

I currently have my own mail server setup using fetchmail to retrieve mail from all my pop3 accounts (I have about 17 accounts on various services, all having specific purposes). I use sendmail as my mta and log into the server to retrieve my mail.

I am interested in migrating to FC3 and Zimbra. I have a few small requirements and I want to make sure this can be done before I go and screw up my mail system.

I need to be able to continue to retrieve my pop3 email from multiple accounts and collect them into one account on the system. Will I be able to use Zimbra with the ONE account and still use fetchmail to collect my pop3 mail?

Second, I use domain masquerading. My server is xyz.dyndns.org masquerading as www.xyz.com (fake domains, but I own the .com domain). Will I still be about to masqueade using Zimbra? In other words, although xyz.dyndns.org is my server, I need mail sent out to appear to come from xyz.com).

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide!