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Thread: out of office reply in Microsoft outllok 2003

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    Post out of office reply in Microsoft outllok 2003


    I am using zimbra zcs 4.5.10, and customer using Microsoft outlook 2003
    as client, one customer want to use out of office reply, is there any option
    in server side to do that.


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    The user will have to log into the Zimbra webmail. They can set their out of office reply there.

    1. Once logged into webmail, go to the "Preferences" tab.
    2. While in Preferences, go to the "Mail" tab within Preferences.
    3. About half way down the page, you'll see a section titled "Receiving Messages"
    4. Check "send auto-reply message". Fill out the message box with whatever the "returned" message will be.
    5. Set the start and end dates.
    6. Be sure to click "Save" in the upper-left corner to save the auto-reply.

    That should get them good to go!

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