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Thread: Wiping queues from command line?

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    Default Wiping queues from command line?

    As mentioned in my earlier post, we've managed to effectively mail-bomb our own mail server due to problems in some monitoring software that sends out mail.

    Zimbra is currently churning away through a queue of over 16000 messages (13000+ on the active queue, 3000+ deferred), which at this rate is going to take quite a while.

    I've tried to delete the messages via the queues area of the web-based admin console, but that part of the interface is being pretty unresponsive. Is there a command-line equivalent that I can use to tell Zimbra to dequeue and throw away everything? If not, would it be "safe" to stop all services and delete the queued messages from inside /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool/*?

    Or, for less chance of deleting messages that we want, can it be told to "dequeue and throw away everything for but leave all else alone"?
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