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Thread: Syncing Multiple Calendars/Address books

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    Default Syncing Multiple Calendars/Address books

    I see the release of 5.0.9 has given the ability to sync multiple calendars with the iPhone. Have we forgotten about windows mobile or did I miss something? This is a functionality that we have been waiting for a long time to see. Can anyone give me any information on how to use mobile outlook and activesync to sync multiple calendars. We also create quite a few shared email boxes that can not be synced as well.
    Erik Linstad

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    It is a device limitation. I think the iPhone / iPod Touch are the only devices that support this. If you think your device/software supports this as well, open a bug and I am sure they will enable it for that device in the next version as well.

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    I have an iPhone and this seems to have gone into effect. My question is how to turn it off? I don't want all of my calendars and contacts syncing. I've looked in some places on the iPhone and in Zimbra and can't seem to figure out where to select which ones are synced. I'm probably overlooking something simple. Anyone know the answer?

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