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Thread: Can Zimbra Trace Sent EMail?

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    Default Can Zimbra Trace Sent EMail?

    We normal sent email to other user mailbox.
    If the email does not delivered, we will receive back the bound back email.

    Sometime we send email out, there is not bound back email. But receiver (my friend) complain me that I did not send email to him.

    *Sometime the email is sent to the receiver, but the mail server receiver side, categories my mail server domain as a "spam". So the email will go to SPAM mail.

    So, Can zimbra trace sent mail? We need to comfirm that the mail really 100% sent. [No assume]. How can it trace?

    Thank you

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    'Tracing' mail is not supported by anything that I'm aware of. The only option that some people use are the Read Receipts, which I'm not a fan of, since they're not guaranteed either. (and sometimes they're annoying) Zimbra doesn't support receipts yet, not until v5.5 I believe.

    In the end, there is no 100% guaranteed transmission, but if there is no bounced email, or delayed delivery notification, then it should have been received by the recipient's SMTP server.

    Spam settings are up to the administrators of the other mail servers, and there is no way to guarantee that your outbound emails will never end up in someone else's spam folder.

    As for your friend's email, you may want to investigate as to why it was put in the spam folder on his end. There may be something you can correct. Usually there's things like domain configuration problems, sometimes blacklists etc.

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    From the commandline, you can do zmmsgtrace and get some information about what happened to the mail on your side. Of course, once it is out on the internet to the remote server, you won't get any information, so this may not be much help.

    Here is the output of the zmmsgtrace help to give you an idea:
    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmsgtrace -i msg_id | -s sender_addr -r rcpt_addr -F from_ip/host -D dest_ip/host -t start,end 
            times in YYYYMMDD[hhmmss] format

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    Thank alexkelly and p24t

    Can I trace the sent email in the SENT folder from user account until the place before it cannot be traced...

    As alexkelly said
    Of course, once it is out on the internet to the remote server, you won't get any information, so this may not be much help.
    At least we can trace until the zimbra server send out mail place.... something like the "gateway"

    I tried using the zmmsgtrace to trace the sent message ID...
    It look like did not work for sent email.
    It works on received EMAIL...

    I only want to trace the sent email. If can trace until the final location that zimbra can trace, please let me know how to do this...


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