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Thread: Should I switch from Etch --> Ubuntu for Zimbra?

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    Default Should I switch from Etch --> Ubuntu for Zimbra?

    So I recently installed Zimbra OSS on Debian AMD64 and am now planning on deploying the Professional Edition for a few users (~50). Since Ubuntu is the officially supported distribution, I've been contemplating installing Ubuntu instead however I really love Debian and am considering losing out on the support (seems crazy) and wanted to know other people's experience in this situation.

    The Zimbra Server will also be a LAMP Server too and while I'm sure Ubuntu and Debian are VERY similar, I've just always felt really safe with Debian.

    TIA for your wisdom

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    I find debian and ubuntu similar enough at the command line that I barely notice the difference between them. I'd recommend moving a few inches outside of your comfort zone and put Zimbra on Ubuntu, it makes sense to use the platforms that are officially recognised.

    Hey, it could be worse, you could be using RedHat

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