Hey all, this seems to be something that has changed recently; previously, when composing an email, I could select multiple Contact Groups for distribution.

Now, since the last upgrade, I can start typing in the name for the group (ITV Principals/Counselors) and the little chooser box pops up. I chose the first group I want to get the email. Where previously the TO: box would show the name for the group, now it displays all the addresses in the group. And when I try to add a second group by typing in the name of the group (ITV Facilitators), nothing happens. No select contact prompt, nothing.

I can go to the CC: box and type in it and select the second group from there, but this seems to be a somewhat bass-ackwards way of doing it.

Several of us use multiple contact groups in emails and would really like either a) to know how to do this in the current version, and/or b) would like this feature re-enabled.

Currently running Version 5.0.8_GA_2462.RHEL5.NETWORK Jul 9, 2008

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!