I'm having a little problem. When I first create my default domain, I don't know why, but Zimbra does not create my domain documents correctly, so I get into the admin console, and create, but again, don't know why, he does not let me do this using the wiki account already created. So, I create de documents on my domain using an account called docs@domain.com.

Ok, everything was working great, but today, forced by other problem, mentioned in another thread, I deleted some accounts that we're not being used, and I deleted wiki@mydomain.com. OK, When I got into the documents session, appear a BIG error saying that wiki account could not be finded. Back do admin console, domain documents, options, everything, seemed fine, it suppost to be using, docs@mydomain.com.

Well, I did the obvious thing, change on the domain documents option, the choosen account from docs to wiki, create a new wiki account and deleted de docs account.

Log back onto my user, and volia, my Documents, were there. BUT, it does not show that fine page, where the documents used to appear, they are on a blank ugly page. It appears to me, some kind of css problem, but frankly I have no idea how to solve this

Another thing that I cannot do, that I don't know if it's related is, that I can't import pdf, documents, nor word documents, to here, they only import a mess of caracters, not the contents of the document. I don't know if its just a coincidence but I also cannot render attachements on HTML. Actually I don't think is a coincidence, I know that I need some helo whith this.

Can anyone help me?

Tanks in Advance,

Alberto J. Azevedo