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Thread: ZCS 5.0.8 and Quota warning message

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    Default ZCS 5.0.8 and Quota warning message


    Tomorrow I'm upgrading from ZCS 4.5.9 OSE to 5.0.8 OSE (first to 4.5.11 "by the book"). One new feature I've been testing but that I can't manage to get it working is the Over Quota Message Warning.

    I've customized the warning message and set the value to 90% (default value). To make sure my server is using the new definitions, I've stopped and started the server several times between my tests. I've mailed my test account several times (e-mails with attachments) to fill the mailbox just over 90% and waited for a a warning message to be delivered to the user. In Admin Web GUI the account is listed on stats as 95% quota value!!!

    I have 2 questions:

    1 - How does the quota warning process works? Which is the actual ZCS "module" that checks the quotas and sends the warning messages?

    2 - How can I see those actions on the logs and which log???

    I've search and read several other posts on this Forum and also checked Bugzilla but there is nothing about this...

    Thanks in advance,
    Pedro Sousa
    Oporto's University Law Faculty

    PS: Checked Deferred and nothing there either...
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