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Thread: Disable 'navigate away' popup

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    Default Disable 'navigate away' popup

    I have the Zimbra client window coming up in a new window with no tool bar, no nav bar, and no status bar. In this context the popup for 'navigate away' can only come up when:

    1) The user closes the window
    2) Something on the parent window directly targets the child window

    In both of these cases it seems that this popup is not needed, one is expected behavior by the user and the other is a server-side control. As a side note the word 'navigate' is no longer relevant, because in both of these cases there is no navigation.

    Is there a way to disable this popup?

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    It's not configurable today. Seems like a reasonable request(you may file it in bugzilla). In the mean time here's the function that is called. Returning true rather than the string should remove this behavior.

    // This method is called by the window.onbeforeunload method.
    ZmZimbraMail._confirmExitMethod =
    function() {
    DBG.println(AjxDebug.DBG1, "_confirmExitMethod, received unload event");
    return ZmMsg.appExitWarning;
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