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Thread: calendar and persona

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    Default calendar and persona

    I have a Zimbra OSS 5.0.8 edition running on a single server (Ubuntu). It is running with a non-internet addressable domain eg When I set this up I created a domain alias to add my internet domain.

    I have a personal domain eg ""
    I have use a dynamic DNS provider to allow internet connectivity inbound as I have a dynamic IP address eg ""
    I also use a mail forwarder service service say ""

    Inbound mail goes to who relay it to who then send it to my server and the user at

    Additionally in the zimbra admin console I have enabled "allow sending email from any address". This is so that mail can be sent as if it had come from ""

    This setup has been working fine.

    My issue is when I create a calendar entry and add external people. My mail server creates the calendar entry and sends out the invites. However the receiver sees the invites as coming from "" and not "". this then causes mail to be bounced as the domain "" is not reachable.

    Hopefully i have explained this ok. Can anyone help.

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    Bump! I have this same problem - does anyone have more information?

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