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Thread: [SOLVED] Question about SSL with multiple mailbox server setup.

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    Default [SOLVED] Question about SSL with multiple mailbox server setup.

    I have three mailbox servers (Made up names and IPs):

    My DNS is setup as the following:
    mailbox11 IN A
    mailbox12 IN A
    mailbox13 IN A

    I have proxy turned on for all three mail servers. Then I setup a domain called:

    The DNS entry:
    mail IN A
    IN A
    IN A

    I can get SSL working fine on all the individual server, but it is unclear how I get SSL to work on my domain (mail) without the browser throwing a security error.

    Do I need to get three certs (mailbox11, mailbox12, mailbox13) or can I get one cert for the domain (mail) and add it to all three servers?

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    there may be anotehr way to do it, but we got a wildcard cert from DigiCert you get one for * they work great

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    I got a wild card cert from Global Sign. It works good!

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