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Thread: Restoring old backups

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    Default Restoring old backups

    Hello, I have been using ZCS NE starting from release 4.5 and upgraded from time to time and now I'm running latest 5.0.9.
    I noticed old backups (it seems previous to release 5.0.5) are not listed anymore in the Admin UI, however they're still present in /opt/zimbra/backup//opt/zimbra/backup/<release> folder.
    Is there any way to restore an old backup created with ZCS 4.5 to 5.0.9 release ?
    Thanks, M

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Not at the moment, you'd have to throw up a 4.5.x instance. Bug 15750 - support for restore across major versions
    Remove the 4.5.x folder from the backup directory when you're sure you no longer need them.

    Recent Admin Tidbits - Part 1 &#187; Zimbra :: Blog
    We’ve always recommended that: “After upgrade, you should run a full backup immediately as changes in this release invalidate all old backups.” It’s still good advice to have a fresh full, but there’s always the infrequent need to get data from an older minor version backup without throwing up a temporary machine. Well, with 5.0.x we aimed to make restores compatible across patch releases (i.e. an older 5.0.x backup, not a prior 4.5.x backup - major version restore is this RFE). There was a bug about zmrestore not handling database schema changes, but that’s fixed in 5.0.5 and later - so backwards compatibility for restore is now theoretically possible. And we’re also looking to put icing on the cake by adding a conversion tool to upgrade backups themselves to allow restore on later ZCS versions.

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