I've read through most of the documentation and howtos on how to set up zimbra, but have not found anything that really addresses this.

We want to use zimbra as our mail/collaboration suite, and installing it does not seem to be a problem.

we want to use zimbra on our webserver, i.e. have a web/mail server. In its default configuration, though, zimbra takes over port 80, so attempting to start apache results in an error (and failure).

Is it possible to use the zimbra-apache server to do a virtualhost environment that allows for multiple virtualhosts to exist on that server?

Should I instead change the web ports zimbra runs on during install time and use a seperate apache server?

ideally, we'd like to have www.ourdomain.com , several other subdomains and have webmail.ourdomain.com resolve to zimbra, is there any way to do this?

Sorry if I'm re-posting old questions, I've searched through the forums and not found anything yet that really answers my questions. The administrator guide didn't even touch on web hosting.