Hi Zimbra folks,

First off, I think it's so great that Zimbra let me to manage multiple domains that easy but when I'm going to deploy Zimbra I realized one fact: only ISPs really need that feature, other companies often just have only one domain.

Zimbra is designed to run with multiple domains so I think there are probaby some places where I can tune my one-domain installation to achieve the best performance. The first place comes up my mind is the LDAP filter. I take a look at /opt/zimbra/conf/ldap*.cf and wonder how many percent can I gain if I give search_base a value, i.e "dc=example, dc=com"? Maybe it's not so much but just a few percent is enough to make change. And there will other places, rite?

I think it'd be great if when installing, Zimbra will ask something like "Is this [www.example.com] your only domain?" and if the answer is yes, Zimbra will auto-tweak the configuration to take advantages of the case.

What do you think?