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Thread: recent login not updating

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    Default recent login not updating

    Dear all,

    Anyone has also the issue that the recent login is not updating in de admin console?

    I only have the first login date and hour.



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    Check your zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency:
    zmprov gacf | grep zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency
    Default is 7d to cutdown on ldap writes every time you auth. You can set it to values like: 1d, 1h, 1m, 1s, or 0 for disabled:
    zmprov mcf zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency 3d
    The server will update the user's zimbraLastLogonTimestamp user attribute at most once every zimbraLastLogonTimestampFrequency.
    Think of the pure volume of some systems, updating an attribute for a half-million+ active users all day long makes for a lot of writes and replication. Prompted implementation of: Bug 18972 - provide way to completely disable zimbraLastLogonTimestamp (setting to 0).

    Your /opt/zimbra/log/audit.log is continuous anyways so you can always check that. There is a database entry in zimbra.mailbox for last_soap_access (getLastSoapAccessTime) not ported to a LDAP value because that would be nuts. For some, 7 days does seem a little high though given the average installation size and faster systems. To that end, someone had an bugzilla entry in to get the default changed from 7d > 3d but I don't know what happened to it. If you have the time/ability for a large scale performance test go for it.

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