after reading forum posts, Wiki and all other information I could find, I cannot seem to locate information about how I can move all data of a user from one zimbra server to another.

I am capable of writing PHP, shell scripts, I use Perl for 12 years (though I don't like it) etc. I read SOAP information and CLI tools and tested most of them to see how they work. So this is not a newbie question.

What I found so far is basic functionality, ie move data from known locations. What I'd like to do is make an exact replicate of the user, then delete him from the first server (including briefcase, shared content etc).

First of all, I assume I must do

zmprov -v ga user@domain.tld

then create the user in new server and try to make his profile identical?

ie gds / cds, gid / cid etc?

Then, can I just copy his mailbox directory over to the new server or are the uids server specific and not user specific?

Any pointers in order to get started are much appreciated. I am not looking for specific tools how to copy data and all (rsync or so), I need the idea behind it.

If Zimbra employees think this thread is competing with FOSS backup/restore solution in progress please IM me.

Thanks in advance,
(running FOSS on Debian)