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Thread: PDF Attachment quirk

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    Default PDF Attachment quirk

    Using the web client in Firefox 3 (i386) on an x86_64 install of Fedora9. If I receive an email with a PDF attachment and click on the file I get a requestor with only 2 options [SAVE] and [CANCEL]. If I click a PDF link on most any other site it launches in Evince automatically. Firefox preferences are set to not ask and to view in Evince. For some reason the way the file is pushed down to the browser from Zimbra isn't working as well and the browser isn't automatically using the helper application. It's not even an option either, the requestor has save to disk or cancel and that is it. It knows it's a PDF though because the text in that requestor specifically says "which is a: PDF document".


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    are you using firefox on linux? I have this problem with firefox on linux as well, but not in windows

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