A client using Outlook 2003 and OLK 5.0.5. He has Outlook set to AutoComplete correctly.

This morning he stated that his Outlook 2003 stopped AutoCompleting. I noticed that it will AutoComplete addresses he most recently emailed, but not ones that I know he's emailed in the last few weeks. Upon looking at his Contacts (in Outlook), I noticed that the contacts that he's most recently emailed aren't stored anywhere, eventhough if he creates a new email, AutoComplete will work.

Is this an OLK issue?

If it is a corrupt NK2 file (which doesn't exist if you are using Zimbra with Outlook)

Is it possible to repopulate contacts in Outlook 2003 (from ZWC or the zimbra.zdb file) if they have some how disappeared?

What are my other options? If the contacts are stored in the Web Client would they pull down to Outlook?